Young Adult Community Steering Committee

*Come find out about how to serve on the YAC Steering Committee on Sunday, November 10 at 6pm in the Neale Room (ground floor of the Parish Center)*


We, the Holy Trinity Young Adult Community (the YACs), are a dynamic group of 20s and 30s young adults, both single and married. We seek to be transformed by the Holy Spirit through our celebration of the Eucharist and our practice of Ignatian Spirituality. Our commitment to social justice helps us to live our call to be “men and women for others.”


The mission of the Young Adult Community is the mission of Holy Trinity. Holy Trinity is a Catholic parish sponsored by the Society of Jesus. We share the Society's mission to serve the faith and to promote justice. As disciples of Christ, we seek to be transformed by the Holy Spirit through our celebration of Eucharist and our practice of Ignatian spirituality into a welcoming and prayerful community that shares God's life and love with each other and the world.

Objective and Responsibilities

The main objective of the YAC Steering Committee is to serve the young adult community of Holy Trinity. The YAC Steering Committee was established to carry out the mission, goals, and to address the needs of young adults in the parish community of Holy Trinity.

The YAC Steering Committee is responsible for advising and assisting Parish Staff to coordinate, implement and evaluate programs and activities in their respective areas.

How We Operate

The YAC Steering Committee, as a community of faith, seeks to be prayerful and discerning. We work to apply Ignatian spirituality principles during our meetings and through consensus arrive at decisions.

Committee Meetings

 Steering Committee meetings have historically been held once a month, usually on the second Sunday (before YAC Mass).

Composition of the YAC Steering Committee

The YAC Steering Committee shall consist of at least one YAC Chair and at least one Subcommittee Lead for each of the Subcommittees listed below.  Each Subcommittee Lead is responsible for working with his or her co-lead(s) (if any) to advance the mission of the Steering Committee, coordinate the activities within the scope of his or her subcommittee, as well as liaison with the parish committees related its scope.  The Subcommittee Leads will be selected in November for a one-year term commencing in January.

  • YAC Chair/Co-Chair
    • Oversees all YAC ministry activities, keeping in mind the ministry's mission and Jesuit identity, and guiding the team to work towards the highest good for the young adults we serve.
    • Responsible for identifying leadership candidates for the Steering Committee, orienting new Committee members to their roles, coordinating with the Archdiocese of Washington Young Adult Ministry efforts and events, and facilitating a Mini-Retreat for the new team at the beginning of their term.
    • Throughout the year, plans and runs monthly Steering Committee meetings, closely communicates with the Pastoral Associate/Chaplain who mentors our team, and coordinatse with parish staff.
    • The individual(s) in this position should be well-organized, mission-driven, and enthusiastic about creating a welcoming, inclusive community of young adults at our Parish.
  • Liturgy
    • Responsibilities include coordinating the monthly YAC Mass, including recruiting mass lectors and Eucharistic ministers and setting up for and cleaning up after the mass.
    • Other duties include acting as a liaison with the Parish Worship Committee and the Pastoral Associate for Liturgy and organizing trainings for YACs to prepare to serve as liturgical ministers.
  • Social Justice
    • Responsibilities include planning and coordinating young adult participation in Holy Trinity’s service activities and social justice advocacy, which take place around the Washington, D.C. metro area.
    • Works closely with the Pastoral Associate for Social Justice.
    • Individuals in this position may also plan other events, such as social justice book club or host guest speakers to speak to our community on social justice issues.
  • Spirituality
    • Responsibilities include coordinating weekly Faith Sharing Group, hosting events such as Evenings of Prayer, and Speaker Series, and serving as liaison between the YAC Fall and Spring Retreat Core Teams and the Steering Committee.
    • Works closely with the Pastoral Associate for Ignatian Spirituality and Prayer and may delegate someone to represent the YACs on the parish Education/Adult Faith Formation Committee.
  • Communications
    • Responsibilities include writing and distributing the YAC Digest, taking notes at monthly YAC Steering Committee meetings, and managing the group's social media presence.
    • Liaises with the parish Director of Communications and parish Communications Committee to ensure consistent branding across parish organizations.
  • Parish Life
    • Responsibilities include coordinating the YAC Cafe after YAC Mass, planning the monthly happy hour on the Friday after YAC mass (typically the 3rd Friday) in neighborhoods throughout the Washington, D.C. metro area, and planning other social events. Other events include game nights, the Epiphany party, and outings such as apple picking, snow tubing, etc.
    • Liaises with the Parish Life Coordinator and Committee for the whole parish.
  • Holy Trinity Parish Pastoral Council members
    • Any Holy Trinity Parish Pastoral Council member who is a member of the Young Adult Community may serve as an ex officio member of the YAC Steering Committee.