Migrants & Refugees

Parishioner Leads: Jeanne Rossomme, Mary McCabe, Maria Race

Email: migrantteam@trinity.org

The HT Migrant Team/Migrant Familia has been accompanying and advocating for refugees since 2017 when we welcomed the Cheikho family from Syria. Today we accompany 17 families from 9 countries. Our newest families include a family of four from Honduras and a family of four from Afghanistan.  84 million people are forcibly displaced around the world, and our Migrant Familia stands ready to welcome and accompany these mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons as they seek refuge in our community.

Although Holy Trinity does not have a formal role in the resettlement of displaced Ukrainians at this time, we remain available to support the work of partners on the ground in Europe and working at our borders. We are also working with the US Ukraine Foundation to assist with local needs now. With your support, we will continue to be able to welcome families seeking refuge in the United States.

Staff Lead: Ashley Myler Klick
Pastoral Associate for Social Justice
(202) 903-2836
(703) 362-4204 cell
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
3513 N Street, NW
Washington, DC  20007


The committee meets every other Monday at 7pm via Zoom. All are welcome! Minutes and needs are shared in a weekly Migrant Team eLetter.


April 8: Stations of the Cross, 6pm, Church. The stations will be followed by a Simple Supper.

June 20: World Day of Refugees, Taize prayer, 5:30pm, Chapel of St. Ignatius









A member of our migrant familia, Fredy Sevilla, is featured in a national summer campaign on immigration.  He is very grateful to Holy Trinity.

Solidarity Across Borders

We are a community and only in a community can we move forward without leaving anyone behind.

As we encounter people in migration through reading and listening to the testimonies of the Solidarity Across Borders campaign, we remember that we are a community and only in a community can we move forward without leaving anyone behind.

In that spirit, through this campaign we join with partners throughout Central America and North America to promote solidarity and hospitality and grow in empathy for refugees and people in migration in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Listen to Fredy's Story here.