Migrants & Refugees

Parishioner Lead: Jeanne Rossomme
We welcome the stranger by:
  • Staying informed and educating others about immigrants, immigration and detention. Those who are able are encouraged to sign up for one of our trips to the border (see below).
  • Providing direct support for the newly arrived.  We fully support one individual or family from arrival until work permission is granted.  We help many other migrant families in our area with connections to resources (housing, schooling for children, medical psychological, legal). And partial direct support (especially due to the impact of COVID-19)
  • Accompanying people who are in the lonely process of seeking asylum or legal migrant status;  
  • Working with other organizations such as the Kino Border Initiative and CAIR Coalition to advocate for changes in policy and practice.  We also network with other churches, synagogues and faith groups.

Migrant Team EOY Report

Immigration and Detention: What You Can Do


The committee meets weekly on Mondays at 7pm via Zoom. All are welcome! Minutes and needs are shared in a weekly Migrant Team eLetter.

Next meeting: June 14, 7pm



  • Sign up for a trip to the Border to learn and experience firsthand. For more information please contact Margie Legowski 
  • Sign up for our weekly eLetter. Each week we identify needs for our migrant familia from donations to resume support to legal support, etc. 
  • Knit for Kino 
  • Be a sponsor or medical advocate. For more information please contact Jeanne Rossomme
  • Donate to support our families during the COVID-19 crisis.








A member of our migrant familia, Fredy Sevilla, is featured in a national summer campaign on immigration.  He is very grateful to Holy Trinity.

Solidarity Across Borders

We are a community and only in a community can we move forward without leaving anyone behind.

As we encounter people in migration through reading and listening to the testimonies of the Solidarity Across Borders campaign, we remember that we are a community and only in a community can we move forward without leaving anyone behind.

In that spirit, through this campaign we join with partners throughout Central America and North America to promote solidarity and hospitality and grow in empathy for refugees and people in migration in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Listen to Fredy's Story here.