Care for Our Common Home

Parishioner Lead: John Hisle

Our mission is to create a culture of Caring for our Common Home - MOTHER EARTH at Holy Trinity Church. We aim to educate ourselves, our fellow parishioners and our larger Church together with local, state and federal lawmakers about the perils of Climate Change. We also aim to advocate for positive actions to be taken at all levels of Church and State to reduce our carbon footprints.

Current projects on campus include a compost program, updated water coolers and solar panels.

Join members of the Ignatian family, along with thousands of Christians around the world, to celebrate, pray, and take action during this ecumenical celebration from September 2 though St. Francis Day on October 4.


The HT Green Team meets once a month  on a Sunday at 3pm. We typically welcome a guest speaker to discuss a specific focus. Please register for a meeting, and a Zoom invitation will be shared with you.

Resolve to Go Green in 2021

The HT Green Team invites you to “go green” by purchasing your electricity from renewable sources or offsetting your carbon footprint. Fortunately, if you live in DC, MD or No.VA there are options available for you to switch your electricity provider to a renewable source or to purchase offsets to your carbon production. It often takes just a few minutes to make the switch! This document highlights the options available in DC/MD/VA.

September 20 Notes:

Solar Energy Presentation

Sign the Faith Voter Climate Pledge
Green Team members shared the following recommendations: The Future We Choose by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac and The Story of More by Hope Jahren.


June 28:



Support faith-informed climate policies, learn more: Catholic Climate Covenant

Laudato Si' Course with St. Camillus

St. Camillus is offering a free course on Laudato Si'. It begins September 7. This course is created as a transformational tool that will inform and empower you to respond creatively, collaboratively, and courageously to Pope Francis call for “a true ecological and social that integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.” Register to learn more.




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