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Volunteer Opportunities (rev. 5.9.22)

Clean Delivery Birth Kits and Newborn Kits

The St. Jean Baptiste Committee is working on a new initiative to provide clean delivery birth kits and newborn kits to women in Haiti. A key element lacking in the birthing process for the women of Haiti is a clean, safe delivery. In addition to the clean delivery birth kits, the committee will be putting together newborn kits too. The collection will run from May 8-May 29. Requested items for the newborn kits include: diaper pins, newborn cloth diapers, bars of soap, diaper covers, newborn snap t-shirts, and swaddling blankets. Individual items may be dropped off in designated baskets at Mass, at the parish center or shipped to the parish center, Attn: Social Justice. Our Community Wish List has been updated if you prefer to shop online. The committee is also accepting donations to purchase items. It costs approximately $15 for a newborn kit and $25 for a clean delivery kit (wrapped antibacterial bar of soap; surgical sterile gloves; sterile alcohol wipes; absorbent underpad; scalpel #10; sterile gauze pad; umbilical cord clamp; 2 gallon Ziploc bags; women's underwear; kotex pads; and large trash bag). Checks should be payable to Holy Trinity Catholic Church with Haiti Relief in the memo. You may pay online by selecting St. Jean Baptiste General Fund.

So Others Might Eat (May-August)

Since May 2020, parishioners have contributed close to 30,000 snack bags in addition to clothing items like socks, underwear and shoes. Consider inviting your neighborhood, your sports team, or your child’s classroom to join in making snack bags for our friends at SOME. The next collection is May 28. We collect between 10am and 12pm at the corner of 36th & O Streets. Advance drop off is available in Alexandria, Arlington, and Chevy Chase.
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Cupcakes for Christ House

Last June parishioners answered the invitation to be part of the monthly birthday celebrations at Christ House. This effort has been successful thanks to the leadership of Esther Howe and the many talented bakers at Holy Trinity. We are excited to continue to offer this opportunity. Sign up

Ways to Help

Direct service allows parishioners a chance to help, which is how St. Ignatius described service – nothing lofty, simply helping and working side-by-side with others. This kind of service allows us to form relationships, show solidarity, and learn and work with others, particularly the poor and vulnerable. It also allows us to share the life that God has given us.

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