Sister Parish: Haiti

St. Jean Baptiste, Haiti (Sister Parish)

Parishioner Leads: Kittie Fitzgerald & Kathleen Kaye 

The St. Jean Baptiste Committee "twins" with her sister parish in Anse d"Hainault, located on Haiti's rural southwestern coast. St. Jean Baptiste Committee was established following the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Our mission is to accompany the people of St. Jean Baptiste in the hope of deepening our relationship with them, promoting the well-being of the community and enriching the spiritual life of the parishioners.

Holy Trinity has been integral in rebuilding a school, installing two wells, creating an agricultural mill, providing a solar electrical system and a computer lab for the school.  We have donated books in French, English and Creole. We have been instrumental in building 10 homes with running water.  As well, we have been able to rebuild a community center demolished in Hurricane Matthew.  With the support of our generous Holy Trinity parishioners, we annually provide children's Christmas gifts and have also developed a successful Scholarship Fund, which afford St. Jean Baptiste students the ability to attend local Universities and Colleges.  We launched a fair trade coffee program, and sell their coffee monthly after mass. The profits benefit university scholarships for children of St. Jean Baptiste’s coffee growers to pursue either an agronomy or business degree.


  • For more information about our next meeting, please email Kathleen Kaye.


  • Sponsor a student. The Haiti Scholarship Fund supports selected students who graduate from The College of St. Raymond, our sister parish’s secondary school in Anse-d'Hainault , a village on the tip of southwest Haiti. The scholarship helps to make higher education a viable option for students from St. Raymond’s.  Donors are asked to commit to a 4-year commitment of $250. For more information, please contact Mike Conway.
  • Be a friend. Over the past few months, we have invited parishioners of all ages to make cards and friendship bracelets.



Just Haiti Coffee 

Food for the Poor 



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